Mac in Brazil x

“A chalk board listed the names of 60 songs, testimony to the creative power of the Butler-Chassagne marriage. “They don’t stop writing songs.” says Gara. “They’ll go away for a couple of days, then get back, we’ll meet for coffee and it’s like “so, we have four new songs from last night.” “Seriously” nods Chassagne. “If we’re left alone and nobody bugs us, we write a song.”

MOJO Magazine, January 2014 (via arcademermaid)


St. Vincent at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. Photos by Nate Ryan. See more.


vampire weekend finds their easter spirit (x)

Title: All in White
Artist: The Vaccines
Played: 1576 times

all in white // the vaccines

lord, i know your type
i’ve known you all my life
i was always wrong, you all in white



Alex Turner wearing the Alexa t’shirt designed by Henry Holland to an Arctic Monkeys gig

Why does every shirt he wears just fit him perfectly like that idgi